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So, you've set a date or even a rough wedding date for your special day and you're starting to think about how the big day is all going to come together.

Obviously your wedding dress is one of the most important things to organise, but before you go out and buy the first dress you try on, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, do you want to look and feel absolutely, jaw-droppingly beautiful in your wedding dress on your wedding day? Of course you do - every bride does!

It really doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy a wedding dress from a store or bridal boutique or are wanting to find a dressmaker to have a one-off gown made especially for you - if it’s a quality wedding dress you want then the bride should first look to the fabric.  On your big day, you deserve elegant fabric that catches the eye and is beautiful to the touch. Specialty designer wedding dress fabrics and laces that are from current-season designer fabrics from Italy and France are the most sought after and are considered the best for wedding dresses.

Wedding gowns can be made from silk, cotton, linen, lace or beaded and embroidered fabrics. Whatever you choose you if it’s quality wedding dress fabric then you will feel like royalty!

How to find a wedding dress?

First of all do plenty of research. Look for wedding dresses online and browse wedding gowns in bridal magazines to see what catches your eye. Take your visual references with your while shopping or visiting dress makers so you can explain what you want - quickly and easily!

Next you need to consider where you wedding will be. To choose a suitable wedding dress for the conditions, you'll need to have at least some idea of where your wedding will be held, the kind of wedding venue it will be held at and the wedding location itself and you will get to and from the wedding venue.

Will it be on the beach at sunset, in a botanical garden in the afternoon or at a church? Is it in the summer or winter? A wedding dress you wear to the beach is likely to have a different style to the wedding dress you’d wear to a religious ceremony, so bear this is in mind, too.

Think about your body type.

Your body type will also help inform the style of your wedding dress, as certain dress styles flatter different body shapes. This is something your wedding dress designer or bridal store consultant will also be able to help you with.  Everyone’s body shape is different and different wedding dress shapes suit different brides. From Mermaid dresses to ball gowns to sheath dresses and A-line shapes there is a cut, shape and neckline to suit brides of all shapes and sizes.

Take advice from the experts.

Gorgeous bridal gown designer Vera Wang told Zara Wong for Vogue that to choose the right design, you have to get specific about the details.

‘I think that it's always important and I always say the W's. So where, when and what time of day. I don't mean that you can't break rules but I think you have to know what you're doing before you shop,’ Vera Wang said.

Look to bridal style fashion shows for ideas on what elements to include on your wedding dress and to give your gown as fashionable twist. Whether you take one or two elements from your favourite wedding dress designer or favourite designers and incorporate them into the look of the gown. You will look and feel like a princess.

In terms of a brides shape, take for example a ball gown style wedding dress that perfectly complements the hourglass figure.

Brides with an hourglass figure are in good company, as famous ladies such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Claudia Schiffer all have curves.

Whichever dress you choose, make sure to accentuate your waist. Many wedding dresses come with a cinched waist, so finding one to suit your particular waistline should not be a problem.   

There are many different dress designs that will flatter your curvy figure. Here are a few to consider when shopping bridal attire..

The mermaid dress has a flared silhouette that complements your figure and plays up your assets.

Many trumpet or mermaid dresses are strapless and some have straps and brides can decide how full they want the flared skirt to be.

The Corset

There are many fabulously embellished corsets out there this season that are perfect combined with a full, a-line skirt. Adding a full skirt makes for an elegant, feminine look and might just make you feel like a princess.

Go Vintage

Vintage wedding dresses are great for brides with an hourglass figure, so take advantage. A dress with a full, 50s-style skirt that flares from your waist and finishes at your ankles with a halter-style neckline would look adorable and be particularly well-suited to a rustic wedding.



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